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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 19, 2014 12:00am-12:31am JST

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welcome to nhk "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here is a look at some of stories we are following this hour. ukrainian authorities and pro-russian separatists are pointing fingers at one another over the malaysia airlines plane crash. deep grief and shock. people around the globe are paying tribute to the victims of the airliner. an emergency meeting is being held at the u.n.
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headquarters. delegates are gathering to discuss the situation in ukra ukrainian authoritie pro-russian sepa each other for malaysia aies plane crash. flight mh-17 with 298 on board went down in eastern ukraine on thursday. kiev says the plane was hit with a surface-to-air missile launched by pro-russian separatists, but the separatists say it was ukraine's fault. nhk world's kurando tago reports. >> reporter: the charred wreckage of the boeing 777 is scattered over a large area. search and rescue crews are combing through the site but no survivor has been found so far. malaysia airlines officials say the plane was carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members. the passengers were from at least ten countries. including the netherlands, malaysia, an
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flight mh-17 left amsterdam on thursday headed for kuala lumpur. in the eastern ukrai donetsk where the jet went down they've been fighting since april. on july 14th, ukrainian officials accused russian forces of shooting down a military cargo plane. they said the aircraft was downed by a missile. ukrainian president petro poroshenko say pro-russian separatists are responsible for the jetliner's crash. >> translator: this plane was brought down. it's not an accident, not a catastrophe, but a terrorist act. >> reporter: ukraine's state security chief said intercepted telephone conversa russia mi their involvement.
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>> reporter: but the leader of the self-proclaimed people's republic of donetsk denying the accusation saying the group ha nothing to do with the crash. >> translator: a passenger aircraft has been shot down, shot dowby force. to tell the truth, it is a provocation on purpose. >> reporter: u government lea inve or. pro-russian militants say they'll cooperate but interfax says pro-russian militants have already taken away the plane's black boxes with and cockpit voice recordings. analysts now question whether or
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not an international investigation to help uncover the truth can proceed smoothly. kurando tago, nhk world. a japanese security anal says pro-russian militants fired what's called a buk surface to air missile at the plane. it has target-tracking capabilities. it was developed by the former so >> t ha ca in the air. aircraft flying at 10,000 meters are easily within range. i don't see any merit of government forces in either russia or ukrain civilian jet. i think it was a misfire. government forces can distinguish civilian jets. i think the culprit fired the missile without proper
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information and just relied on radar to track it. that makes me believe that the attack was not conducted by government f expressing s over the plane crash. loved ones of vict media users are demanding a thorough investigation into the cause . more than 40 malaysian passengers and crew members did not reach their destination. their families an friends rushed to kuala lumpur airpor one woman says fiv relatives were on the board. >> i got the news and they told me when to come here. >> prime minister rajib razak
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says he will make every effort to find out what h >> if it transpires that plane was, indeed, s. we insist that the perpetrators must swiftly be brought to he will send two experts and disaster assistance and rescue team. about 190 dutc board the flight at skipal airport. newspapers describe the incident as one of the worst airplane accidents in the country's history. travelers expressed sympat. >> i hope for the victims families that they get answers. >> about 30 australians were on the passenger list. >> this is a gri
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>> law . japan's prime minister, shinzo abe, has offered condolences for the families of all the victims. >> translator: if there is anything japan can do, we are ready to work with the e veonlle ce leaders from france and germany have also called for a prompt investigation. >> u.n. security council members are holding an emergency meeting in new york discussing the situation in ukraine. the u.n. secretary general, ban ki-moon has called for answers into the crash. >> we need a full and transparent international investigation. >> ban says he will closely monitoring the wi international civil aviati organization.
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experts say the shooting down of the plane may have been accidental and was a result of the intensifying conflict in eastern ukraine. this man teaches at rijo university in tokyo. he says the ukrainian president has failed to hold talks with pro-russia ukraine. >> translator: the pro-russians haven't agreed to take part in talks with the ukrainian government. that's not what russia had in mind. the situation in the region has become bogged down and security is critical. >> he says the incident could further harm ukraine's fragile economy and lead to a mo severe situation. >> translator: the ukrainian economy has been affected by prolonged confusion, especially negotiations over gas prices with russia. the talks have fallen apart and gas supplies from russia to ukraine have practically stopped.
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the ukrainian government has to make a deal to be able to buy gas at a reasonable price and rebuild the country's businesses this summer. if they fail, the country could face chaos by the autumn. unfortunately, the airline incident could mean that the confusion lasts for a long time. >> that was a hasumi of rissho university in tokyo. israeli troops are intensifying their troops. their ground offensive in the gaza strip. 23 palestinians, including children and one israeli soldier have been killed. officials say the death toll could rise.
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israel says it is targeting underground tunnels. members of hamas use them to carry out attack they appear to be concentrated in an area 500 meters from their border a they say they have destroyed 20 rocket launchers and nine tunnels. >> our major objective in the operation is to restore peace and security. >> our reporter in gaza says they are attacking oth and sh the coast. electr in man hamas remains de occupiers will the a began. about 2000 others have been wounded. israel last launched a ground assault against the palestinian enclave five years ago. that operation and proceeding
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air strikes killed more than 1300 people. >> former thai prime minister yingluck shinawatra has denied a rumor she will flee the country. she made the remark on friday at her first news conference since the coup in may. patchari raksawong in bangkok is following the story. thailand's m government application to a minister yin country. news sparked rumors she would use the permission to flee thailand. she is scheduled to leave for europe later this month. at the news stress trip . >> translator: i insist i will not abandoned the thai people.
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i'm ready to return to thailand. >> yingluck is expected to meet with her brother and former thai prime minister thaksin shinawatra while overseas. he was expelled in 2006. in 2008, he was handed a two-year prison term in abstentia for corruption charges. prompting him to go into self-imposed exile. thailand's anti corruption commission decided to send papers against y negl pr she introduced the program while prime minister. the government purchased rice from farmers at prices above the market value. yingluck's opponents criticized the program for causing large financial losses to the state. during her news conference on friday, yingluck criticized the actions of the national anti corruption commission. >> translator: in my view, the first issue is whether the
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judicial system follows universal standards of the rule of law because i think the deliberations were hasty and rushed. >> the former prime minister has kept a low profile since the coup, but according to observers yingluck decided to hold the news conference in a bid to mai influence. >> the growth forecast for southeast asia has been cut. the region is seen as a main engine of global economic growth. the adb cites indonesia's export ban on minerals and the coup i thais. the expected to grow 4.7% this year. the figure is down .3 from the april forecast. the numbers appear in the adb's 2014 outlook supplement on asia's developing economies. the report mentions indonesi
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>> the region's number two economy is thailand. the coup erupted in may following long term political clashes. the turmoil has dragged down domestic demand and tourism. the adp also touched on the physical damage foreign companies and fa em violent. relations were aggravated after china installed an oil rig in disputed waters in the south china sea. as for india, the adp left its 2014 growth figure uncha at 5.5% its outlook for 2015 to 6.3% and that's up .3 of a percentage point from the earlier forecast. india saw the inauguration of
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new government in may. prime minister narendra modi of the bharatia party enjoyed a sweeping victory in parliamentary elections pledging reforms. indonesians are awaiting the outcome of an election between joko widodo and prabowo subianto. voters aren't the only one taking a keen interest in the official release of election results next tuesday. foreign companie ho policies will affect the economy, which is showing healthy growth. taktoshi shiozaki reports.
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>> reporter: joko's down to earth personality has gained widespre probow le. arou probow lead. companies overseas with interest in investing in indonesia have been following the election with particular interest. indonesia has a population of 250 million with an economy that's growing 6,000 a year. in 2014, it is expected to overtake japan in gross domest produc co people is whether the next president will improve the country's business environment. topping their wish list is better infrastructure. limited boat capability keeps many investors offshore. road congestion is another problem. bottlenecks slow the pace of importing and exporting. >>translator: is i p port next is human resource development.
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we hope various measures will be implemented on that front. reporter: the gap between rich and poor is also a serious problem. 40% of indonesian households own refrigerators. only 20,000 have washing machines. japanese home appliancemakers have built new plants just outside of jakarta. the hope is that significat numbers will join the middle class. major manufacturers send their employees to homes without washing machines. the goal is to learn w of functions these households want for their washing machines and what kind of products they can afford. this woman lives in a city on an island and washes her laundry by hand in river water. her monthly income is $200-400.
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>> translator: i would like to buy a washing machine but they are expensive. so is electricity. >> translator: the household we visited today is keen about getting a washing machine in about a year or two and a refrigerator in three years. fami two. >> reporter: appliance manufacturers aren't the only foreign business with high hopes for the indonesian market. this building will soon be home to elderly tenants. the annual fees will arrange from $106,000 to $220,000 per unit depending on the service level. the operator is hoping the shift toward middle class will extend further to the wealthy class. >> translator: the wealthy high
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income earners are seeking japanese style services, hospitality and high quality services in elderly care and also in medical services. >> reporter: so who will steer the country? joko pledges support for the poor. former general probowa starts his leadership. foreign firms focusing their attention on whether the next president will draw from the potential of indonesia's economy, the largest of the member countries of the association of southeast nations. nhk world, jakarta. >> that wraps up our bulletin. i'm patchari raksawong in bangkok. the japanese government is set to resume development assistance to vietnam following a brief period of su
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japan halted new oda projects for vietnam in june. it took the st officials of the state-owned vietnam railways were found to have received kickbacks from consulting firm in. this have been indicted for allegedly bribing the vietnamese officials. but, japanese government officials say they will restart procedures to improve new projects. this is because vietnam has put anti-bribery measures together. they are designed to make bidding processes more transparent and strengthen penalties for violation. japanese officials say they meet their vietnamese counterparts twice a year and check to see if they are being implemented. >> fujitsu is stepping up efforts to streamline their conductor business. they are involved with talks on
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possible deals to sell two of its factories. sources say executives at fujitsu are negotiating with taiwan's united microelectronics to jointly set up a company which will require fujitsu's plant in mia prefecture. they are also considering selling a factor they are aiming to keep the 1500 employees now working at the two plants. japanese electronics companies are scaling back there chip-making business in the face of oversea one of them of they are p clot pl. the u.n. security coun has called on north kore comply with its resolutions not to fire any more ballistic missiles. it has condemned the country for carrying out three rounds of missile tests between late june
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and early july. the council members held a meeting on thursday. south korean officials requested it. in a statement the council president criticized the north. >> the members of the security council condemn these launches as violati council re y the rele resolution. >> the council issued a similar statement in march after north korea cond missile launches. north korea is scheduled to join a sports tournament in south korea later this year, but pyongyang appears to be having second thoughts. officials of the two countries met thursday at the border
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village of p the asiad the north korean delegates said they would send 700 athletes and cheerleaders. that would have made it la countr inur but the talks broke down when the north korean delegates walked out i korea's stance. north korea's official korean central news agency reports that south's delegates about the costs of hosting the visiting athletes. the news agency reports that the south argued over the planned size of the north's delegation. it reports that the north korean delegates announce the reconsider in the pa pyongyang may better con athletes. robert speta is here with the latest on rammasun and a look at the weather world.
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>> yes. we are continuing to watch the storm system still pulling across portions of hainon. the storm system is still going to roll over towards the northwest. as we look ahead through friday night into saturday morning, you are going to see gusty and damaging winds. the rainfall on top of that. first, i do want to show you as the storm came ashore, som video where this storm s has been impacting. right off the bat, those gusty winds i was talking about. look at this. that tree just coming right down in front of the road here wh it d down have knocked out power r thousands of residents. at least 2000 passengers as well were stranded here after flights were canceled in the region. 40,000 people were told to evacuate. it does look like rammasun came ashore at one of the strongest storms to hit hainan in 40 years out here. a serious, deadly storm out here. one death does look like it has been reported related to this as it pushes over h southern guang. it's not over yet, still tracking over the northwest.
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those in northern vietnam and southern china, you are going to feel the effects. some a rainfall millimeters. you millimet hour. ab i af this still wa weekend. i want t baer the philippines, you are still recovering. the death toll continues t climb ou. rammas this look at th. another this is tropical storm winds of 65 gusting up to 25 miles an hour. it is expected t typhoon. potentially could impact taiwa or the sou next weekend. all the while, enhancing the monsoon and causing more rainfall out here in the philippines. you want to keep an eye on this. you have afternoon thunderstorms flairing up. a lot of instability in the atmosphere. specially into the afternoon and evening.
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some storms could be firing up around tokyo that could produce hail, damaging winds tornados and some could become rather strong as far as the thunderstorms are concerned. tokyo, high of 29. those . let's mo americas. a low pr ac so this h flash flooding is goin major rish. in southern louisiana and eastern texas as we go through out there, fire weather is going to be a big threat. ug
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in rain showers and a few strong thunderstorms. those temperatures which have been up i jooirksz
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>> that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. -- captions by vitac --
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hello. we have a woman who says she has been raped. >> sexual violence inflicts deep wounds on hearts and minds. in japan, new efforts are underway to support victims. the number of rapes and indecent assaults reported to police is just tip of the iceberg. government data shows that most victims remain silent having no one to tell what happened to them.


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